ROS Melodic image for GoPiGo3

Ubuntu 18.04 OS including the ROS code for the robot


We are proud to announce the publishing of the freely available ROS image for GoPiGo3 to run the examples in the book Hands-On ROS for Robotics Programming. The characteristics of the image are:

  • OS Ubuntu Mate 18.04
  • ROS Melodic distribution
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3
  • Pre-built catkin workspace including GoPiGo3 source code

In collaboration with Modular Robotics, manufacturer of GoPiGo3, we have released this already-built ROS Melodic distribution including the code needed to run the examples of the chapters that involve the physical robot:

  • Chapter 7: Robot Control and Simulation
  • Chapter 9: SLAM for Robot Navigation
  • Chapter 10: Applying Machine Learning in Robotics

Here is the direct link to download. In the source page you also have the complete list of downloads for GoPiGo3.

After downloading the file you just need to burn the image to the micro SD card of the GoPiGo3 Raspberry, using the friendly Balena Etcher app (it lets you skip the extraction process, i.e. you can add directly the compressed tar.gz file).

Alternatively, if you already have ROS Melodic installed in the Raspberry Pi, you can clone the source code for the robot for this Github repository. Then you are ready to follow the examples in the book.

About the book

You can learn robotics from scratch using the cheap GoPiGo3 robot by following the book Hands-On ROS for Robotics Programming. You may get it in the electronic or paperback version at Packt Publishing or Amazon.com.


The book guides you following a learning by example approach, reaching advanced topics such as Robot Navigation and Deep & Reinforcement Learning applied to Robotics.