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Kano Motion Sensor Kit for the Raspberry Pi

Kano have recently released the Kano Motion Sensor Kit. It comprises of a sensor which can be used to detect a moving object in it’s field of view. The latest Kano OS has been updated to provide a whole suite of challenges that youngsters can work through to use the sensor and demonstrate its capabilities. As with other Kano activities progress is recorded in your Kano World online profile.

Here is a video made by the Kano team to introduce the kit :

Shadow mapping with C++

I asked the old man in rags, ‘Why is lighting so important in virtual reality?’

The old man took off a sandal, and waving it into the ether he replied, ‘OpenGL graphics library casts many different lights, say, directional light, point light, spotlight. Objects can be wrapped with diffuse and specular maps, to treat those lights. And then shadows, oh shadows!’

‘Yes,’ I snapped, ‘but why is lighting so important in virtual reality?’


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