Why Linux containers matter for the Internet of Things

TL;DR: At, we believe Linux containers are the first practical virtualization technology for the embedded world, enabling isolated application failures, efficient updates, and a flexible yet familiar workflow. By adding binary deltas, a minimal container engine, support for a wide variety of devices, and resiliency to power and network failures, we've made Docker containers an ideal solution for IoT.

Remotely updating your host operating system on

At, we offer our users a simple way to remotely update their applications running on fleets of IoT devices. This usually means that users don’t need to worry about updating the host operating system, since their code lives inside of a Docker container running on top of the host OS.

But, since we periodically release updates and improvements to resinOS (the host OS running on all devices), we also consider the ability to remotely update a device's host OS to be a core feature of


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