Time…it just keeps on rolling…

What a year it was for 2015.  Taking a look my blog I’ve not posted for quite some time, but I have been very busy with a lot of other stuff.

Here’s a quick overview of the latest things on the plate for today…

Book review…

First off we have a review of Learn to Program with Minecraft by Craig Richardson.  I had a go with it yesterday and introduced some Python programming to our family Minecraft actives.


Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi – a small keyboard and mouse is ideal for smaller hands!

PiZero enters the Pi-Kitchen and comes out a fully baked USB-LAN device

I’ve managed to package the required modifications to make a Pi Zero (and Model A/A+ Raspberry Pi) into recipes for the Pi-Kitchen.

For more details see the Git-Hub:


To get started use:

Pi-kitchen – Start Baking

See the following video to see the whole Pi-Kitchen process in action and some of the features that can be pre-configured ready for power up.


Some other things I’ve been playing with…but not had time to post about…


Pi-Stop workshop at Digimakers at the @Bristol science centre, along with a selection of books on show.


Movement tracking with the Raspberry Pi Camera module!

 And much much more!

DSCF6010 DSCF6015 DSCF6016 DSCF6017 IMG_20151204_154619 IMG_20151219_110923 IMG_20160108_120942