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Raspberry Pi RetroPie Shutdown Button

Shutting down RetroPie usually requires the use of a menu in the Emulation Station interface. This tutorial explains how you can do this via a shutdown button connected to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO header. All you need is a basic momentary action switch, some wiring and a simple Python script. It’s probably the most useful upgrade you can make to a Pi gaming system.

How To Enable RetroPie SSH Interface

The RetroPie SSH interface is disabled by default. Follow this quick tutorial to enable SSH in RetroPie and allow remote connections. SSH is a great way to add new ROMs to your retro gaming system and edit Gamelist XML files.

Assuming you have a network enabled RetroPie system running enabling SSH should only take a few minutes.

Step 1 – Run Raspi-Config Utility

From the main RetroPie screen navigate to the “RetroPie” system :


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