Raspberry Pi

Introducing the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Single Board Computer

The Raspberry Pi 3 B+ has been released and replaces the Raspberry Pi 3 as the main model in the Pi family. It boasts a number of improvements over the previous model including a faster CPU and gigabit Ethernet. Some might have been expecting a Raspberry Pi 4 but an update to the Pi 3 is still good news.

Welcome to the Pi Family

Here is what the new Raspberry Pi looks like :

Pi Party at Cotswold Jam 2018

Over the weekend of March 3rd-4th 2018 hundreds of Pi Party events were held across the World to celebrate the 6th Birthday of the Raspberry Pi. Many of these were hosted by regular Pi Jam organisers. I attended the Cotswold Jam held at the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK.

Due to adverse weather conditions there was a chance of cancellation but luckily the roads we clear by Sunday morning.

Pi Party Photo Slideshow

Here is a video slideshow of the photos I took :


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