Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi TV and Film Appearances

SInce its release in 2012 the Raspberry Pi has appeared in a number of fictional TV shows and movies. It has been used to track people, hot-wire vehicles, hack buildings and blowup mountains.

Here is a summary of all the films and TV shows that have featured our favourite single-board computer.

TV Shows

The first TV appearance was way back in 2013 when the Pi was barely a year old. Since then it has been used in nine TV programmes.

VR: the end of prejudice

Elsie sat in the tea shop, scoffing a scone and cream. Barbara walked in, supported by a crooked stick.

‘Oh, that horrid man!’ Barbara snapped. Elsie said, ‘Which?’ ‘The one with the anus. His buttocks on show to the high street.’

Barbara sat down with effort. Elsie pushed across the silver tier of cakes and began to pour a tea for her friend.

‘It’s terrible. Gentleman are scarce these days, Elsie. A rarity. The language coming out of his mouth! Well, I never. Wash it out with soap and water.’


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