SD card

Write SD Card Images Using Etcher On Windows, Linux & Mac

In the Raspberry Pi Weekly #147 newsletter they mentioned a new tool for writing SD card images. This tool is called “Etcher”. Now I’m a great fan of Win32DiskImager but I liked the look of Etcher’s clean and simple interface. It also promised to make it clearer what device you were about to nuke which is a good thing if ever you’ve written a Pi image over one of your hard drives.

Announcing Etcher

Presenting Etcher: A better way to write SD cards.

Writing SD cards is a neglected, and very platform-specific affair, which means using “dd” on certain platforms, (and risking overwriting your hard drive) and downloading software from SourceForge on others (and risking catching spyware). None of the common writers verify that what made it to the SD card is what was intended. In general, it feels like an underappreciated problem, and was definitely the ugliest part of the provisioning experience.

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